How to learn mandala art [7 Easy-step process]

How to learn Mandala Art [7 Easy-step process]

Making mandalas is such a fascinating hobby and activity to learn that many individuals have used it as their way of life in various ways over the past ten years. Many creative people have made mandala creation their line of work because they view it as both spiritual and soul-satisfying. Many people sell their mandala drawings, mandala art supplies, and seminars for learning them. There are many excellent online classes and courses available, but if you’re just getting started in this area and are interested to learn mandala art, this blog will help you get started.

Learning mandala art is not just a drawing or creative activity; you should think of it as a way to connect with a higher power. It can also be a very healing experience as you go through the process of turning a blank canvas into a work of art.

Tools required to learn mandala art from scratch

  1. Good quality paper
  2. Pencil & eraser
  3. Compass
  4. Ruler
  5. Protractor
  6. Any simple pen/ Doodle pen (fine liners are the best )
  7. Colors (sharpies/ watercolor/ acrylic colors )

7 Easy-step process to learn mandala art by yourself

1. Take a deep breath and relax

Take a deep breath and relax to learn mandala art

Before beginning to create a mandala, one of the first steps is to calm yourself by taking some deep breaths and focusing on the present. Take a moment, close your eyes, and exhale deeply.

Additionally, make sure you have all the required tools before beginning the drawing.

You can also burn some incense, light a lamp, and play calm music in your area to improve your experience.

2. Let’s start with a dot

Let's start with a dot to learn mandala art

A single dot marks the beginning of the mandala painting. Get the center of your A3 or A4-sized paper by halving its length and width.

We begin mandala art with a dot since this cosmos likewise originated from a small white Bindu (dot), which we refer to as consciousness.

3. Take your Ruler/Scale

Making circles

Next, in the process to learn mandala art, we will create two perpendicular lines in the manner depicted in the image. Make sure to use a very thin line when drawing.

4. Using a protractor

Take your Ruler/Scale

The following step can be a little challenging, so give it your complete attention. Place your center point on the protractor, and then mark the angles at 45 degrees in each of the four directions.

Once you’ve made the marks at each corner, join the arrowhead indicated in the figure to form a line. You may break down our geometry into 8 separate components in this way.

5. Making circles

Using a protractor to learn mandala art

Once we have our fundamental geometry prepared, we can move on to creating circles. Starting with a 2 cm circle, we will create new circles every 2 cm until we reach a 10 cm circle. Therefore, we will draw 5 circles, each measuring 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cm.

6. Making patterns inside of the circle

Making patterns inside of the circle

As a beginner, you can now gradually begin adding patterns inside the circle one at a time and embellish your mandala artwork. You can replicate anything in the image for patterns right now, and if you get the hang of it, you can attempt to make more patterns in the future.

7. Finishing the mandala with colors and a few more detailing

Finishing the mandala with colors and a few more detailing

You may now complete your mandala art with vibrant colors once the pattern-filled mandala design is ready. Choose a bold color scheme like pink, blue, orange, or yellow.

These three colors may be used to create a complete mandala, and if desired, other designs may be added inside.

How to make the process of making mandala art more enjoyable?

Once you begin your mandala-creating journey, you will experience a brand-new bliss that will inspire you to create more mandalas in a variety of designs and color combinations.

Making mandalas can become a regular ritual because it is so calming and stress-relieving. It is recommended to conduct this activity right before bed because it can improve the quality of your sleep.

You can create the geometry by hand or have it printed, and then gradually add colors and patterns inside of it each day. If you’d like, you may also download our free printable mandala art coloring and detail sheets. It’s a guided pattern book with 10 printable designs to color, 20 simple patterns, and a few additional hints and recommendations.

If you need any additional assistance to learn the mandala art, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You can also share your creation with me by using one of my various contact methods. I’m looking forward to seeing your first mandala art. Congratulations on getting started. Keep your creative spirit alive. If you enjoyed this post, please join our email list and visit some of our other blogs about mandala art.


1) What is mandala art for beginners?

The Sanskrit term for the circle is “mandala,” and mandala art is defined as creating patterns within circular geometry.

2) Is there any course for mandala art?

Yes, I do offer a few courses specifically geared toward mandala art. Get in touch with me for more details!

3) Is mandala art Indian?

Despite the fact that Buddha is considered to be the creator of the art form, mandalas are explicitly not considered to be of Indian origin.

4) Which sketchbook is best for mandala art?

Mandala painting can be created in any A3 or A4 watercolor sketchbook.

5) How to monetize mandala art?

Selling mandalas, creating mandala art courses, and creating mandala art items are all ways to monetize your mandala creations!

6) Which colors are used in mandala art?

For mandala art, watercolors are typically used, but you can also use other mediums or, for beginners, colored pencils.

7) How do you create a mandala on iPhone?

On the iPad and iPhone, Procreate lets you make mandala artwork.

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